2. November 2019

My experience at the “Uncoated Photo-Talk”

Last month I had the chance to be a part of the Uncoated Photo-talk event at the GlogauAir in Berlin. Uncoated is a platform wich connects artists with artlovers and focuses more on the story behind the artworks than on the works itself. Beside exhibiting my work I had the chance to talk to an audience about my work and how I grew as an artist. Therefore I was recapping my whole development and looked back at my works from over 10 years ago until now. While I was preparing for the talk I was quite surprised when realized that I could see all the life phases I was going through displayed through my works. Starting with the feeling of isolation in my youth and the urge to leave my hometown, followed by the feeling of being comfortable, trough the first deeper social connections I made, further to being brave and curious how I feel right now. Even though I was aware of the progress I made in my photography, it was an intense experience to see it all in front of me and to actually talk about it. I hope the future will bring more events just as inspiring as the Photo-talk, where creatives can connect and learn from each other.


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