»Kabul-born, Berlin-based photographer and director Mehran Djojan is a dynamic creative force making waves in the world of photography and filmmaking. With a passion for storytelling through visuals, Mehran’s work transports viewers into the realm of his vivid imagination.

His unique approach to photography and filmmaking sets him apart as an artist who effortlessly merges the ethereal with the tangible.

Renowned for directing innovative documentary movies that have received international acclaim, Mehran brings his visionary storytelling skills to every project. Through his lens, he captures the essence of his subjects within the natural world, creating scenes that are both compelling and emotionally resonant. What distinguishes Mehran’s work is his commitment to authenticity; his images are not overtly manipulated or contrived, but instead, they draw emotion from the genuine expressions and interactions of his subjects within their environment.

In Djojan’s world, a single piercing gaze or an elusive daydream are all it takes to create fantastic photos and cinematic moments. His work transcends the ordinary and invites viewers to join him on a journey into the extraordinary.

As the Afghani artist continues to explore new horizons in photography and filmmaking, his ability to captivate audiences with his dreamlike visions remains at the forefront of his artistic pursuits. With each project, he pushes the boundaries of creativity and narrative, solidifying his place as a visionary in the field.

Djojan’s work weaves together fashion, identity, and politics, unveiling the beauty and wonder of our own imagination.«

Jenny G. Zhang – My Modern Met


“SEEN” – in production

(Writer, Director | funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg)

“Schlaue neue Welt – Das KI-Wettrennen” – ARTE 

(Director | February 2024)

“Life in 9:16” – Deutsche Welle Film

(Writer, Director, DoP | May 2023)

“OFFLINE” – ARD Series 

(Writer, Director, DoP | October 2022)



5 Rue Saint-Merri Paris, 2022 May 27

Global Perspective Symposium hosted by UWE Bristol

Mehran Djojan in conversation with Max 19 March 2021

Photo Forum Fest

Speaker at Portrait Live Conference Barcelona, 16 August 2020

Uncoated Photo Talk

GlogauAir Berlin, 2019 October 08


Photo Forum Fest

Portrait Live Conference Barcelona, 17 August 2020


Streetphilosophy | ARTE

Mehran Djojan in conversation with Ronja von Rönne about optimism and being creative

Ronja von Rönne visiting Julia Dalia and Mehran Djojan during their shoot to learn about the difference between seduction and manipulation.


Cosmopolitan US

(print magazine December 2022)


(photo book March 2022)

Vogue Portugal

(print magazine March 2022)

Liberty’s Magazine

(print magazine Jan. 2022)


(print magazine Jan. 2021)

Lula Magazine – Issue 29

(print magazine winter 2020)

Some Magazine

(print magazine spring 2020)

Lewis Magazine

(print magazine Sep. 2019)


(print magazine Feb. 2019)


(photo book Feb. 2018)

人像摄影 Portrait Photography

(print magazine Sept. 2017)

Unvael Journal

(print magazine Nov. 2017)

Myartisreal Magazine

Intimate Portraits, a look at Mehran Djojan


Die Helden meiner Geschichten


Männerbilder von Mehran Djojan

Hip Hop Hooray

The photography of Mehran Djojan


Ausgefallene Portraits aus Berlin

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Les photos de Mehran Djojan

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Mehran Djojan creates a fascinating dreamlike world


La frschezza e il talento nelle foto di Mehran Djojan 


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Mehran Djojan: The Right To Live Shamelessly


Wenn der Krieg Dich einholt


Interview | Regisseur Mehran Djojan “Offline”

radio ein

ARD Creators “Offline”

Deutschland Kultur

Zwischen Modelbusiness und dem Krieg in der Ukraine

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20-Year-Old Photographer Mehran Djojan’s Dreamy Conceptual Portraits

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Mehran Djojan: Self-Revelatory Conceptual Portraiture

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Fairytale portraits of humans – The work of Mehran Djojan

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Interview with Mehran Djojan

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Mehran Djojan – Photographer



5 Rue Saint-Merri Paris, 2022 May 27-29


GlogauAir Berlin, 2019 October 08

Young Berlin

Soho House Berlin, 2019 March 21


International Photo Expo Paris, 2018 May 11-12-13


Adobe Photoshop

25 under 25

Selected Clients

ARD, Chloé, Dior Beauty, Calvin Klein, Adobe Photoshop, Peek&Cloppenburg, Cinq 7, Four Music, Lavazza, Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency