9. April 2019

Behind the scenes of “Such a Bore”

It’s been nearly one year since I started filming the music video for „Such a Bore“ with a bunch of friends. Thats a good cause to share some insights with you I guess.
It all started when I told Runa how much I would like to direct a music video. I was already telling her some of the ideas that I had. A few months later she send me a mp3 file. It was the first version of „such a bore“ and I was so excited to hear such a well produced song with her voice in it since I only heard her singing in my kitchen before.  A little later in December when I celebrated my birthday with some friends at my place, I introduced Runa to Tanya. I was joking that I would do a music video where Tanya would be a bad girl who’s kissing Runa at some homeparty. And that’s excatly what we ended up doing a few months later in May 2018. Directing such a big project costs much more energy than I expected. Especially when there are so many people involved that you don’t want to disappoint. The home party scene was challenging in particular because of the many people. But at the end I can say that this has been my favorite project so far and that I can’t wait to shoot my next music video… It might be happening very soon  ^^
Bts photos by Sara Herrlander  & phone archive


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  • Jula says:


    This was such a stunning look into your curated world for this immensely beautiful project. I may not know each other but if you ever need help with any project call out and there will be so many honored to help an individual like yourself blossom life into whatever new comes out of you.

    Continue on.
    Much love and deepest respect,

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