26. April 2018

25 under 25: behind the art work

It‘s been two years since I created my first conceptual work for a big company like photoshop in their „25 under 25“ campaign. Therefore I needed to create a squared artwork with the guidline to include the number 25 in some kind of way. Today I want to show you some of my scetches and a bts photo of my shooting for this campaign. If you work for clients or have a special project in mind it‘s always good to make some sketches and moodboards beforehands. First of all it’s good for the clients and your models to understand your idea better and to get a feeling for the mood. Besides it also helps you focusing more on the project and finding the weak points of it. In my art work for Photoshop I portrayed two friends who were surrounded by flowers and each of them had a strand of hair across their face. I arranged the hair in the shape of the number 25.

These quick scetches really helped me convincing photoshop about my concept and convey the idea I had in mind. In addition it made it very easy for me to organize all the stuff I needed for the shooting: flowers, bodys and some styling gel for the hair. As you can see I‘m not the best illustrator but still I try to make as many scetches as possible when its about conceptual photographs. Cause even the best ideas can get lost after a while.

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