26. December 2017

From Russia with Love

One of the greatest things about publishing my work in the internet is the fact that I get in touch with people I normally wouldn’t met. This year I was lucky to meet some incredibly talented and kind people from Russia. Those who are close to me know what this country means to me.
But lets get back to the internet thing: You see someones work, you like it, they see yours, they like and the next day they are visiting you in your city. Basically thats how Lyuba, a Russian artist, and I met earlier this year. It’s strange that I felt so connected to her when we barely could talk to each other because of language barriers. We’ve been roaming through the streets of Berlin and I started to feel more and more connected to the city I used to live for half a year at that time.

A few weeks later I met Yana, Lyuba’s best friend from Sankt Petersburg in Berlin. She was visiting Berlin for the very first time with her boyfriend Gleb, a tattoo-artist. The first day we’v been just walking around for hours, talked about random stuff and took pictures whenever we where at the right mood for it. As you may noticed I have a favor for working with colorful street lights wich you can also see in the results from our „little“ walk.

Tanya was the next person from Russia that I met in Berlin. She’s a friend of Yana and worked in Berlin for the second time. We spent two weeks together and her light hearted personality was really an enrichment to me.


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